Re-exam Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (ENG) +30min Copy

On this page you can start the re-exam of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (English) course.

The exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions (pick the single right answer out of 4 options). To pass this exam, you should answer at least 70% of all questions correctly (35 questions).

The exam is a so-called ‘open book exam’, meaning that you can make use of any notes and/or course materials in making the exam.

You can navigate through the exam questions with the use of the following screen. By clicking ‘vraag overzien’ you mark the question (yellow) so you could easily navigate to this question at a different point in time. Please note that you can always change the answer you have given by navigating through the questions!

You have 90 minutes to make the exam.

The time starts running when you start the exam. You can start the exam by pressing on the button ‘Begin Toets’, below.

Good luck!